1. Price policy

  2. Rental policy (Booking-Rental-Payment conditions -Cars)

  3. Insurance policy


The prices include :

  • full insurance (as described in section 3, below: Insurance policy)
  • all taxes, including VAT and local taxes
  • delivery without extra charge during normal working hours
    (from 07.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.) to all ports and airports in Crete, and to all hotels in the Heraklion, Rethimno and Chania districts.
  • outside these normal working hours, an additional charge for delivery will be made in the sum of 15 Euro per vehicle.


Prices are valid only for the low season
01/01/2021 - 21/07/2021 and 10/10/2021 - 31/12/2021
During the high season prices will be increased by 40%


Booking conditions:
  1. Reservation can be made by fax, e-mail, post or on-line.
  2. Reservation should be sent at least 7 days before client`s arrival.
  3. Reservation is valid only if it is confirmed by Pan car.
  4. Booking for less than 2 days and for special cars is on request.
  5. Booking can be made only for car group, Pan car cannot guarantee exact mark of car.
  6. Low season is considered the period from 01/01 - 09/07 and from 01/09 - 31/12.
    High season is considered the period 10/07 - 31/08.
Rental conditions:
  1. Age requirements: The minimum age of driver must be 21 or 23 years depending on car category.
  2. Drivers Licence: A full and valid drivers licence for inhabitants of EU countries or international drivers licence must be presented prior to the vehicle being released and must be held for a minimum of one year. Faxed or photocopied licences are not acceptable.
  3. Fines: All fines arising from traffic violations, including administration costs, are solely the responsibility of the renter.
  4. Additional drivers:There is maximum of 2 additional drivers.There is no charge for additional drivers.
  5. Minimum rental : The minimum rental charge is one day.
  6. Delivery /collection: delivery and collection is normally at the airport ,local office or your accommodation.
Payments conditions:

All rentals must be paid in advance. Payments can be made by credit cards, bank account or cash. Pancar accepts VISA and Mastercard.

Cars conditions:
  1. Number of passengers : Our rental cars are insured for a maximum number of passenger. Your insurance will be invalid if this number is exceeded.
  2. Fuel is payable by the renter and only unleaded must be used. Renter must return the car with the same amount of fuel as when rented.
  3. Cars are properly checked and regularly maintained
  4. Equipment: radio ,baby/child seat on request.
  5. In the event of any mechanical difficulties or accidents involving your car, it is important that details are reported to your local supplier within 24 hours.



1. Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I)
Personal accident insurance for driver only.

2. Third Party Insurance (T.P.I)
Passengers fully insured.
Full insurance to other cars and all their passengers.
Third Party liability and Property Damage.

3.Theft Protection (T.P)
Theft Protection covers the cost of replacing the vehicle (or parts of it) should it be stolen.

4. Fire Protection Insurance (F.P)

5. Vandalism Protection Insurance (V.P)

6. Insurance for glasses (G.P)

7. Collision Damage Waiver - (C.D.W)
Collision Damage Waiver is an optional service which, if accepted, reduces your financial liability for damage to the vehicle, its parts and accessories, except for theft, attempted theft or vandalism.
Regardless of whether CDW is accepted or included, all rentals are subject to a non-waivable excess for which you are responsible in the event of damage to the vehicle during the rental (400 to 1000 euro depending on the category of the vehicle).



Insurance doesn`t cover damage to tyres, the underside, the interior of the car. You may therefore be liable for the cost of this damage.
We shall hold you responsible for the full cost if the damage or theft has been caused by you or an approved driver when,

  1. The vehicle has been used for an illegal purpose
  2. The vehicle has been overloaded
  3. The vehicle has been used for racing, speedtesting or teaching someone to drive
  4. The vehicle has been used for carrying fare-paying passengers
  5. The vehicle has been used in a way that breaks other parts of the contract as printed on the reverse of the rental contract
  6. The vehicle has been driven whilst the driver was under the influence of drink or drugs or could reasonably have been considered unfit to drive
  7. You have not taken all reasonable care of the rented vehicle when parking it or not making sure that it is properly locked
  8. The vehicle has been driven off-road
  9. The vehicle has been driven by any person who does not appear in the contract
  10. You have used the wrong fuel for the vehicle


What to do if you have an accident:

If you have an accident immediately contact us! You should get the names and addresses of everyone involved, including any witnesses and take photographs of the car and any other vehicles or of the site if this is relevant. You should also make the vehicle secure and tell the police straightaway if anyone is injured or there is a disagreement over who is responsible. A further requirement is that you must fill in our accident report form and return it to any of our locations. It is better to involve us as soon as possible so we can help.

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